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by Gregg Sawyer 

January 30, 2023

In the summer, there’s nothing like gathering around a crackling fire with friends and family to enjoy the night air. If you’ve been considering adding an outdoor fire pit to your backyard—but don’t want to spend a fortune on a pre-made one—you might be delighted to hear that making your own fire pit is surprisingly easy. Keep reading for tips and tricks on how to make your own outdoor fire pit quickly and affordably. 

Choosing Your Materials
The materials you choose for your outdoor fire pit will vary depending on the size of your space, budget, and design preferences. A few popular options include brick, stone, or metal. Brick is an excellent option if you’re looking for something sturdier than cement blocks (which are often quite affordable). Stone also looks fantastic but may be more expensive if you need to purchase it from a supplier. Alternatively, you could use metal or concrete pavers, which are generally easier to install than brick or stone and can give your outdoor living space a modern look.

When choosing materials for your DIY fire pit, it's essential to consider both form and function. You want to ensure that your selected materials will be safe and provide a durable, aesthetically pleasing finish. Here are some of the best-rated materials for DIY fire pits:

  1. Bricks: Bricks are one of the most popular choices for DIY fire pits because they’re affordable, come in various colors and shapes, and are easy to install. To ensure safety, look for clay, concrete, or other non-combustible bricks.
  2. Stone: Natural stone is an excellent material choice for outdoor fire pits because it offers durability, beauty, and heat resistance. Popular types of stone used in fire pits include granite, flagstone, and limestone.
  3. Metal: Metal can be a great choice if you’re looking for a more modern look. Steel is the most popular choice because it won’t corrode or rust when exposed to heat or moisture and remains cool to the touch when heated. You can also find copper, cast iron, and aluminum fire pits if you want something that looks more unique.
  4. Concrete: The strength of concrete makes it an ideal material for fire pits—it’s durable enough to handle high temperatures without cracking or crumbling over time. Plus, it can easily be painted or sealed with different colors for a lasting finish.

No matter your chosen material, following all safety precautions and local regulations is essential when building a DIY fire pit. This will help ensure the safety of yourself and others while enjoying your new outdoor oasis. You can create an eye-catching and long-lasting fire pit with suitable materials that everyone can enjoy!

Creating the Fire Pit Structure
Once you’ve chosen the materials for your outdoor fire pit, it’s time to start building it! For most designs, creating a circular structure with either brick or stone is essential; this will help contain the heat and ensure that sparks don’t escape from the pit too easily. Be sure to leave some gaps between each piece of brick or stone so that air can circulate properly. It’s also important not to stack bricks too high; two layers should be enough for most designs. Once your structure is complete, cover it with sand or gravel before adding in any wood logs or kindling.

Creating the fire pit structure is only the beginning. After you’ve built the pit, consider adding accessories such as pavers, benches, or a fire screen to complete the look. It's also important to take safety precautions and create a clear fire break around the pit — such as gravel or rocks — so that sparks don’t ignite nearby grass, plants, or other flammable materials. Finally, store all your fuel sources away from the fire when not in use; this could include wood and charcoal for your campfire. Following these steps will ensure you have a safe and enjoyable time outdoors with family and friends.

Portable Folding Fire Pit

This portable folding fire pit is perfect for taking with you on camping trips or backyard barbecues! The brazier is made of thick steel and has a black high-temperature paint finish that is heat resistant and rust resistant. The four heavy-duty legs ensure the fire pit's stability, while the spark screen helps to keep flying sparks at bay. The portable folding fire pit is also versatile and can be used for bonfires, beaches, parties - and in all seasons! Make sure to keep children and pets away from the open flame and always use caution when handling fire pits.

  • CONVENIENT AND PORTABLE - This foldable fire pit is the perfect accessory for any outdoor occasion. It's made of thick steel with a black high-temperature paint finish that's heat resistant and rust resistant. The four heavy-duty legs ensure stability, while the included spark screen adds an extra layer of protection against flying sparks.
  • SAFE AND STABLE - The four heavy-duty legs ensure stability, while the included spark screen adds an extra layer of protection against flying sparks. Please be aware that children and pets should be kept away from the fire pit and never touch the hot surface.

Adding Accessories
Once your basic structure is complete, could you consider adding accessories like benches around the perimeter of the fire pit so that everyone has somewhere comfortable to sit while enjoying the warmth of the flames? You can also add some lighting around the edges of your fire pit so that no one trips over while enjoying its warmth during darker hours! Finally, if you have extra space in front of or behind the fireplace itself, consider planting some shrubs or flowers in containers nearby--this will create an inviting atmosphere and make everyone feel welcome as they gather around it!

Fire pit accessories are also a great way to add to the ambiance of your fire pit. You can choose from various logs, grates, covers, and other decorative pieces to enhance the look and feel of your fire pit. Fire starters are another essential accessory; they help get your hole going quickly and efficiently. Additional accessories may include wood holders, ash buckets, and screens for protection.

No matter what type of fire pit you choose or how many accessories you want to add, it is essential to remember that safety always comes first. Check local laws regarding open burning before starting any fires in your backyard. Also, keep kids and pets away from the area when the fire is lit. Finally, always use extreme caution when dealing with an open fire and never leave it unattended. Proper precautions allow your backyard fire pit to provide years of enjoyable evenings under the stars.

With just a little effort (and not much money!), you can easily create an outdoor oasis with an awesome DIY fire pit! Whether you're hosting backyard parties throughout the summertime or just lounging outdoors with family after dinner--a homemade fire pit adds charm and character to any space--so why not get started today? After all--one thing's for sure--your guests will never forget their cozy nights gathered around a roaring homemade blaze!

Happy fire-pitting!

Outdoor Fire Pit Accessories

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