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by Gregg Sawyer 

November 24, 2022

Water lilies are a beautiful addition to any backyard pond. Not only do they add color and interest, but they also provide a habitat for beneficial insects and wildlife. This blog post will discuss how to plant water lilies in your backyard pond. We will also offer tips on choosing the right plants and maintaining your water feature. Let's get started!

Step one is to select the perfect water lilies for your pond. When choosing plants, consider their size and color. You'll want to pick plants that thrive in your environment and won't overgrow the pond. It's also essential to make sure you select varieties that are compatible with each other so they can exist peacefully together.

Step two is to prepare the area where the water lilies will be planted. Plant water lilies in containers instead of directly in the ground. Fill the container with a mix of soil and compost, but avoid using manure or chemical fertilizers. This will ensure the plants have enough nutrients while keeping the water clean. Use a wide, shallow pot or a mesh basket for aquatic planting.

Step three is to plant the lilies. Place each plant in its container and then fill it up with water. Be sure that the crown of the lily (the growing point) is just above the soil line. Plant multiple lilies close together but leave enough space between them to allow them to spread out over time. Place a layer of rock on top of the soil to help keep the dirt in place once you submerge the container into the pond. The ideal depth for water lilies is 24-30" deep. They can grow in shallower water but do not do as well.

Step four is to maintain the water lilies. Fertilize them a few times during the growing season and prune away any dead foliage or stems. Water lilies need plenty of water and sunlight, but plantings too deep can cause inadequate pad size, which inhibits growth.

With these tips, you're ready to plant your water lilies and create a stunning backyard pond! Enjoy watching your water feature come alive with color and life! Good luck!

About the author 

Gregg Sawyer

Gregg is founder/partner of Sawyer Waterscaping in Cheyenne, Wyoming. He built his first pond in his parent's backyard at age 12 and has had a passion for designing and construction natural waterscapes ever since.

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